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Theatre Workshops

Our Theatre workshops are for students to explore acting skills without the need for extra work outside of class. This is beneficial for highschoolers with busy work & study schedules. It gives primary kids the opportunity to learn without needing to over commit. We are wanting to support young people in learning about theatre while also being able to focus on their other after school activities & school commitments

  • Explore theatre through drama games & activities

  • Gain new theatre skills

  • Ideal for busy high schoolers; no additional work outside of class.

  • Perfect for primary learners without the need for overcommitment.

  • Create new friends and build confidence


Stage & Screen Workshops

Our Stage & Screen workshops equips students with valuable skills in filming techniques, acting for both film and stage, as well as technical elements such as sound and lighting. Ideal for individuals with a passion for both the technical and performance aspects of acting. 


  • Acting for stage & screen

  • Learn how to film!

  • Theatre Skills and Confidence building through drama games

  • Build a professional portfolio to use for Auditions, Highschool / Uni applications or just for a fun gift for the grandparents at Christmas!

  • Participate in our Youth Voices web series!

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