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Our Holiday Programs

Experience the ultimate Holiday Program at just $300 for 5 days, running from 10 am to 3 pm daily. Our intensive curriculum covers drama games, interactive Kahoots, hands-on camera and tech exploration, culminating in the creation of a short film. This immersive experience uniquely teaches acting for both stage and screen.
Join us for a week of creativity and skill development in the world of filmmaking and dramatic arts.
You can check out our first film created by the students and Elysha, Brad & Danny in the January School Holidays & some TikTok videos we created during the workshop further down.


2024 Holiday Program Dates

We work closely with Lismore Theatre Company at the Rochdale Theatre.
They support D-Vine Drama and B&E Productions to the best of their ability, but as a not for profit organisation they need to put their community theatre shows first. As such, dates are locked in but could change throughout the year. Please keep in mind, that when working with a small community theatre things can change and is out of D-Vine's control. 

We are blessed to have the Rochdale Theatre space. 

Location hunting is underway for Lennox Head to hopefully add Lennox head to the line up of Holiday Programs. 

Current Dates: 
15th-19th April 
15th-19th July 
7th-11th October

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